Medical Transcription:


“You can take care of your patients delightfully because we are taking care of your transcription carefully”

Arnav Revenue Management is the leading provider of best quality transcription services. We have more than 10 years of experience in the medical transcription domain with outstanding performance as per the benchmark in the industry for our professionalism, unbeatable quality and accurate transcripts plus our affordable rates.

Key Points:

❖ Arnav Revenue Management provide transcript file within 24 hours to their clients as well as reduce costs by 20%-50% with unbeatable quality.
❖ All our medical transcription services are HIPAA compliant.
❖ Our transcript files are prepared by various sources including phone/hand-held dictations, in-house scheduling software, iPhone, customized paper forms,
    medical history and previous record of patients, super-bill, ACOEM and ODG guidelines etc.
❖ We have an advanced Workflow system that tracks every job to ensure timely delivery.
❖ We have a team of Professional Medical Transcriptionist possess adequate knowledge of basic to advanced medical terminologies.
❖ Our infrastructure is equipped with the latest transcription software and modern devices that help them follow verbal and written instructions carefully.

Providing services in following reports:

❖ Patient charts
❖ Teleconference notes
❖ Clinical summary
❖ History and physical reports
❖ Medical records summary
❖ Progress notes
❖ SOAP notes
❖ Operative reports
❖ Emergency room reports
❖ Rehabilitation reports
❖ Surgery notes
❖ Discharge summary