Arnav Revenue Management has team of expert professionals who have experience in providing innovative solutions across the boundaries for Healthcare sector. Team works together to increase revenue of our clients (provider’s or group of provider’s) while in accordance with HIPPA and PHI norms.

Why Us ---

It is a matter of Principles!
We understand that Quality of revenue management is paramount. At Arnav Revenue Management, we know that we can deliver the highest Quality of Complete Revenue Cycle Management for our clients.

Here is how we do it:

❖ Cost-effective Solution:-
Medical billing outsourcing for various specialties to Arnav RCM is a cost effective solution as its zero the need for our clients to maintain resources (like computer hardware’s as well as software’s, human resources, etc.). We help to reduce your billing processing costs between 30% to 50%.

❖ Reduction in Claims Denial:-
With completely verified and accurate billing and coding procedure the rate of rejections and denials is drastically reduced for our clients.

❖ Faster Cash Inflows:-
With our complete revenue management support, right from patient insurance verification and benefit to getting the actual payments, we ensure a steady cash flow for our clients at a significantly faster pace.

❖ Reduction in Average Accounts Receivable(AR):-
Increased “First Pass Rate” of claims reduces the AR aging days. Arnav RCM provides the pre-operative services before sending any claim to insurance which increase claims processing and paid rates by insurance companies and less outstanding claims.

❖ Complete Focus on Your Practice and more Patients:-
With complete revenue management taken care of, we give time to our clients to focus on practice and ensure better patient satisfaction with less medical billing management hassles, you will end up with more spare time to focus on patients.